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Refinishing Services Information

Moly Resin
For those of you that would like the thermal cure Moly Resin finish on your firearm, barrel, parts or accessories but do not have the desire, time or space to do the work yourself, we offer that service. We do not refinish polymer or plastic parts such as polymer forearms, stocks, pistols grips, etc. When you send the parts of your project to us, please just send metal parts.

Scheduling your Project:

We will schedule your project with you to provide the quickest turnaround time. Please contact us at with your inquiry and our refinishing technician will contact you. Turnaround is usually about 7 to 10 days.


Please don’t ship a receiver or frame that does not have a serial number and manufacturer’s name on it.

Firearms and parts may be shipped directly to us for refinishing since we are a licensed firearms manufacturer. You do not need to have a local firearms dealer ship for you unless you prefer. Any firearms parts that include the serial numbered receiver, however; require us to return these to the original sender and the same address shipped from. When shipping firearms, parts or accessories please include instructions and color selection in the package along with name and return information. You may send funds with your firearm or we can use PayPal.

When firearms parts are being returned that include the serial numbered firearm receiver frame), BATF requires that a signature is obtained from an adult at the location we ship to. Parts that we refinish that do not include a serial numbered frame or receiver we generally ship with a signature required also but you can opt out of requested. The signature also helps prevent UPS from leaving your package on your porch.

We return ship using UPS ground. In regard to insurance, please note that UPS insurance is $.85 per $100. of value. A $500 firearm will have only an insurance charge of $4.00 whereas a $10,000 machine gun will have an insurance charge of $80. When sending expensive firearms to us, please use these calculation to determine the insurance to add. Please state in your instructions the amount you want the firearm insured for when we return it. If no instructions for insurance are included in your package and you do not provide insurance funds, then your package will be insured for $100. You insuring your project for its replacement value is your responsibility and for your protection. UPS, Fed-X and USPS occasionally do lose packages.

The ship to address is:

John Norrell, Inc.
13529 Saddle Hill Drive
Little Rock, AR 72212

Class III –NFA Firearms

In regard to machine guns, suppressors and other Class III firearms, no ATF form 5’s are required by BATF to ship Class III firearms for repair/refinishing to a licensed manufacturer, however; please attach a copy of your existing ATF form showing that the firearm is registered in your name.


Our goal is to offer quality refinishing at reasonable prices and turnaround time. In order to do so, we require that most firearms be disassembled and shipped without the stock, forearm or plastic polymer parts, tritium sights, etc. This keeps our time to a minimum and lets us focus on the refinishing aspect of your project. Parts will be individually wrapped to protect each part when returned.
Below are examples of prices but please contact us at for a quote on your project. Shipping is based on UPS ground in the 48 contiguous states. Packages with firearm receivers are shipped requiring a signed receipt.

80% receivers – We are required to log into our ATF books all firearm receivers we receive for refinishing. While we fully understand the various issues involved with individuals completing 80% receiver for their personal use, we are required to log into our ATF books all firearm receivers we receive for refinishing.

Pricing examples

disassembled:AR-15 rifles, $150 plus $25 return shipping. If supplied with small parts add $25.
AR-15 stripped upper or lower (no parts), $75 plus $20 return shipping.
AK rifles $150 for major external parts plus $25 return shipping. If supplied with small internal parts add $25
Ruger 10/22, rifle (receiver, barrel, stripped trigger housing) $100 plus $25 return shipping.
Ruger 10/22, stripped receiver with no parts $40 plus $20 return shipping.
Most barrels, $30 to $50 plus $20 return shipping.
Pistol slides stripped, $60 plus $20 return shipping.
Pistol frames stripped, $60 plus $25 return shipping.
Areas polished on a pistol such as a feed ramp are taped off and not blasted or coated unless you request it included in the coating process. Screw-on suppressor refinishing $50 plus $25 return shipping